Here are the big-ticket items you should check on to maintain your house.

Today we’re talking about what sellers need to do to get their homes ready to sell. To my clients, I usually provide a list of about 60 things to look for in their house, and I also go through it with them to see where they’ll get the biggest return on their investment. However, today I just want to talk about some of the big ones that are very simple. Even if you’re not going to sell your house, these are things you should do regularly to maintain your home that might save you money by avoiding big repair bills:

1. Check out your attic. Do this at least once per year. There’s usually an attic entry in the hallway or one of your closets. Look up there to check for mold and the health of your roof.

2. Check your sump pump. Go down to your basement or crawlspace once or twice per year and get the pump to trigger by filling the pit with water. That way, you’re exercising all the gears. If it sits there dry for too long, the rot will seize it up, even if it’s a perfectly good motor. 

“These are things that you should do for the proper maintenance of your home.”

3. Look for drips. Check your faucets, toilets, laundry, and anything that has water coming to it under pressure. Over time, vibrations could have some of the joints come loose.

4. Check your appliances. Ones that get hot and circulate air through their motors will suck up dust. Pull your refrigerator out once a year to clean behind it.

5. Outside your house. Walk around the perimeter of your house to look for water puddling around your foundation. If that’s the case, the grade of your dirt isn’t running water away from your house. That can cause flooding in your basement. Make sure your downspouts kick out at least six to eight feet away from your house.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by phone or email. I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.